Friday, February 16, 2007

To Dye For...

I am just DROOLING over some of the beautiful kimono I'm seeing lately on! I've been looking for a slighty more formal kimono and the choices come down to mainly tsukesage and houmongi (visiting wear) Check these out:

Just LOOK at the shimmering weave on this houmongi! Have you ever seen a more gorgeous bokashi-gradient effect!?
3 shimmering friends of winter...
View more shimmery details here.

Shibori Alert! Think of this as a sort of poor-man's tsujigahana...
Poor in that this houmongi only costs $750 - BEFORE tailoring, lining, etc. The final price is probably $300-400 more.
Ah, shibori, how I love thee.
No details on this one - already sold!

I love this site. I love to snag their high-quality images, pull them into PhotoShop and dream up another perfect ensemble, like this, or this, or god yes, THIS for summer. Sort of like electronic paper dolls, but for (wierd) adults.

I really wish Kimono Ichiba worked with international customers (they do not, I asked). Not that I actually have $1500 laying around for an expensive kimono right now. I've been stocking up on awase (lined) kimono for the last 3 months (pics to come) and I think I'd better attend to my western wardrobe now, because it's becoming a little shabby by comparison. But a girl can dream...and scheme.


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