Friday, April 08, 2005

Sensei's Pillow

Well, I think I am finally prepared:

Sashiko pillow - check
2 bottles of Nambu Bijin - check
Roseville bowl as kaishi-bachi - check
Boxes and wrapping for said items - check

The pillow turned out "OK", I guess. It wasn't absolutely covered with sashiko like I envisioned; I ran out of time. Didn't even work on it last night, as a post-menstrual headache laid me low around 8PM. But I finished it tonite, washed the chalk lines out and now it's drying. I'll press it tomorrow, take a photo and consign it to it's box. I didn't even intend to do sashiko, but the "jukoh" textile sample turned out have a completely unmatchable shade of black and I couldn't find any suitable backing for it. I never did get Sumiko to translate the bit of calligraphy on it I guess it's just as well. I would have been totally embarrassed if it turned out to be some kind of sutra...

Anyhoo, the Roseville bowl is acceptable, I guess. I really thought the 85 year old Dutch Art Nouveau vase was a home run, but it was vetoed by an older student/friend of Sensei's, so I have to trust that it wouldn't have worked. I did find out that the bowl was designed for Roseville by Ben Seibel, Mr. Mid-Century Modern of tableware, circa 1952. So at least it's got some pedigree. I hope Sensei likes it.

So it's off to Ichiko's house at 1PM tomorrow for Sensei's send-off. I can't wait to dig into that sake...damn near popped a bottle open for myself tonite...a monumental exercise of self-control! If you've ever had Nambu Bijin, you'll know just how hard that was.


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